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7kW, 22kW

Business Wallbox

The Business Wallbox is series of rapid EV chargers for electric vehicles that come equipped with a three-phase on-board charger. Ideal for commercial applications.

Why Choose the Business Wallbox?

Find out which variation is best for your business.

7kW Business Wallbox

The solution for both commercial and domestic applications.

22kw business wallbox EV charging

This unit is socketed and comes with a small screen to communicate charging information to the user.

22kW Business Wallbox

Fast charging, equipped with three-phase on-board charger.

22kw business wallbox EV Charging

Compliant with the industrial standards, the rapid ev charger uses MID certified meter to ensure accuracy and built-in RCD to secure safety.

Load Balance Compatibility

Compatible with dynamic load balancing solutions, it ensures the safe balance of energy usage between the charger and other on-site appliances.

Secure and Safety

Built-in protections prevent overcurrent and AC/DC leakage, ensuring a safe charging environment.

Simple and Robust Structure

Tempered glass panel and all-metal case with IP65 protection grade.
22kw business wallbox EV Charging

Wall-mounted or Pedestal?

Simply installed on the wall of your building, or we can set them up on a stand, ready for use in public parking areas.

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Manage and Monitor Your Chargers.

Offering advanced features such as real-time monitoring, remote management, and automatic billing to ensure smooth and efficient operation of your EV charging stations.

Effortlessly navigate through Montas user-friendly charging management platform.

Monta's platform offers insights for transparent financial monitoring and growth.

Brand Monta's EV charging platform for a cohesive and personalized user experience.

Simple and Reliable Payment Systems.

Payment systems for EV charging enable users to pay for charging their vehicles and businesses to generate revenue from charging stations, providing valuable insights into usage and revenue.

Process transactions with our advanced RFID functionality for enhanced convenience.

Experience hassle-free payments with our contactless payment systems.

Our installed payment system will be linked to Monta's management platform.

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