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2 x 7kW, 2 x 22kW

Dual Pedestal

Charge 2 electric vehicles simultaneously.

Why Choose the Dual Pedestal?

Find out which variation is best for your business.

2 x 7kW Dual Pedestal

Lower power version of the 2 x 22kW dual pedestal, used for commercial applications.

7kw dual pedestal ev charging

2 x 22kW Dual Pedestal

Designed to have 2 outputs for commercial use, with dual charging sockets for increased usage rates.

22kw dual pedestal EV charging

Generate Revenue With Ease.

The ideal solution for commercial use in public areas, where you can generate twice as much revenue due to dual pedestal having 2 chargers in use at the same time!

Both control circuit and power circuit are completely isolated. Increased anti-jamming capacity to ensure stable working condition.

Max 44kW AC output, supporting commercial vehicles, public transport and TAXI. Super fast charging.

Tempered glass panel and all metal case. IP65 protection grade higher than industrial standard. Simple and elegant product, providing quality inside and out.

Built for extreme environment such as -30°C ice and snow season or 55°C hot and direct sunshine. Core parts take industrial grade components and offer 15-year design life.

Real-time searching, reservation, fast charging via mobile application. Flexible payment options including RFID card, and mobile payment such as PayPal, AliPay, Apple Pay, etc.

7kw dual pedestal ev charging

Manage and Monitor Your Chargers.

Offering advanced features such as real-time monitoring, remote management, and automatic billing to ensure smooth and efficient operation of your EV charging stations.

Effortlessly navigate through Montas user-friendly charging management platform.

Monta's platform offers insights for transparent financial monitoring and growth.

Brand Monta's EV charging platform for a cohesive and personalized user experience.

Simple and Reliable Payment Systems.

Payment systems for EV charging enable users to pay for charging their vehicles and businesses to generate revenue from charging stations, providing valuable insights into usage and revenue.

Process transactions with our advanced RFID functionality for enhanced convenience.

Experience hassle-free payments with our contactless payment systems.

Our installed payment system will be linked to Monta's management platform.

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